Wells Fargo Outage… what you need to know

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On February 7, 2019 the Wells Fargo site was down since the early morning hours.  To our knowledge, this was not an attack on Wells Fargo.  Instead, it appeared that one of their data centers experienced a power shutdown after smoke was detected in one of their facilities.   During this time, mobile and online banking were offline.  You were able to go the bank and deposit/withdraw funds, but the systems were experiencing significant lag, and transactions that were completed on that day may not have posted until the following Monday.

Unfortunately, during this time the bad guys came out as well.  There were some people online posing as Wells Fargo employees and asking obviously frustrated and unsuspecting consumers to post their Wells Fargo username/password to have the issue immediately resolved.   This of course, is a major issue that compromises Wells Fargo accounts for those users.

Here’s a couple of things to know:

  1. First and foremost – never ever give your Wells Fargo username/password out to anyone.   Wells Fargo and any other bank will never call/email you asking for this information.  They won’t ask you for it if you call them either.   The people who do call asking for this are trying to steal your information and your hard earned cash.
  2. Even the largest of organizations need a detailed and TESTED business continuity/disaster recovery plan.  As you can see, a disaster doesn’t have to be something major as an earthquake;  it can be something as small as some smoke in your data center.   Your company should have a detailed disaster recovery/business continuity plan in place, and your IT team should be testing this plan at least twice a year.

Not sure if your disaster recovery/business continuity plan will work when you need it most?   Are you sure that your staff isn’t giving away sensitive passwords to your business banking account in an attempt to try to fix an issue? Contact us to discuss how you can best prepare your business against such attacks and disasters.

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